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Peculiar Orgasms: What They Are

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The three rules of female multiple orgasm

Orgasm is an extremely complex involuntary physiological reaction that recognizes a certain variability in its expression (in other words, they can present themselves differently, in different people).

Achieving pleasure during intercourse ( whether coital or masturbation ) is not limited to a sexual or genital event , but can be better defined as a set of neuropsychological processes induced by different forms of physical, mental, emotional and environmental stimulation. As unusual as they may seem, multiple orgasm and simultaneous orgasm may be some of the possible manifestations of sexual climax .

The Basics: What is an Orgasm and How to Recognize it

Orgasm is the maximum expression of sexual excitement which follows the psychological and physical stimulation of the erogenous zones and sexual organs .

From a physiological point of view, orgasm consists of a complex of involuntary and short-lived neuro-muscular reactions which in men hesitate in ejaculation , while in women they involve a series of rhythmic , deep and powerful perivaginal contractions .

Also called climax or climax , orgasm manifests itself as a powerful sensation of physical and mental pleasure , often likened to an electric shock or explosion, at the height of the erotic tension built up during the sexual experience. Male and female orgasms are controlled by the involuntary (or autonomic) nervous system.

Multiple orgasms

Multiple Consecutive Orgasms During the Same Intercourse

Multiple orgasms are orgasms that occur consecutively, within minutes, from continued or renewed sexual stimulation.

Especially women can benefit from this experience or rather have the potential to experience it, if the context is favorable and, above all, if they wish : in men, the refractory period limits this possibility.

What is the Refractory Period

The refractory period is the phase of the male sexual response in which, after an orgasm, the body does not allow the possibility to proceed with the stimulation and immediately have another one. In other words, it is not physically possible for a man to continue sexual intercourse and have a second orgasm a few seconds after having had a first one, with relative ejaculation. The duration of this “pause” essentially varies according to age, state of health and habits.

In the 1960s, Masters and Johnson (the first to apply the scientific method to the study of human sexuality) estimated that 14-16% of women had multiple orgasms.

Two things should be noted :

  1. Some women have a longer than average refractory period or simply become too sensitive for continued sexual contact. As a result, they may not experience or desire multiple orgasms. This is completely healthy and normal.
  2. On the other hand, some men , especially those under the age of 30, have short refractory periods and can orgasm multiple times within minutes. This is also healthy and normal.

All Women Are Potentially “Multiorgasmic”

In the course of their studies, Masters and Johnson (the first to apply the scientific method to the study of human sexuality) showed that men experience a refractory period after orgasm during which they are unable to ejaculate again in the short term ( variable duration from individual to individual and according to the circumstances); only after passing it will they be able to undertake a new sexual relationship. In women, the resolution phase does not involve a refractory period: this makes them capable of reaching a new orgasm a short distance from the

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Remember these points while dating enchanting women create cheap escorts of London

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